Mary Burgess has led worship in our church, retreats, and special meetings. Her anointed davidic flow, her flexibility in various venues and spirit of excellence have consistently carried us into an experience with the glory of God's Presence." - Dr. Dennis Teague, Rivers of Grace Church”
Mary's songs, both worshipful and soulful, were birthed during times of extreme sorrow and intercession. Allow her songs to minister to you - to move you to tears, then into a place of healing and great celebration." - JD”
Mary is highly anointed. Her music has continuously led us into the beautiful presence of God, that fills the place and brings healing and joy to those in need." - Pastor Jack Bernard, Faith & Vision Ministries”
I have witnessed the way God uses Mary's voice and music--the brokenhearted healed, the lost found and the ones in bondage set free. I pray for more open doors for you to continue His great work!" - VF”
Mary brings a wonderful refreshing atmosphere of worship and healing during awesome times of ministry." - WR”
Mary's songs are like a scalpel that cuts but doesn't hurt." - DT”
Mary has a great voice with kind of a 'Heart' influence, who I've always liked! And she sings with such passion. Her songs touched my heart and made me just wanna shout out to God!" - TF”
I just listened to your CD, and I was quite moved. I have never heard such a beautiful voice. You are truly amazing. God has certainly molded you into a messenger for His word and you should be heard by the world. I'm sure He will find a way to make that happen. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul with your music." - NJ”

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