Update from Central Oregon!

Update from Central Oregon!

Debbie and I are in central Oregon staying with friends, resting in the Lord, regrouping... the closest internet service that is workable for me is at the Black Bear Diner, about a block and a half from the home we're staying in... so not the most convenient, but certainly doable...

So I will try to get more caught up on writing about the many amazing things we have experienced on this wonderful trip... I have never been so aware of God's constant presence in my life, or more grateful for His constant involvement and intervention every step of the way...

So many blessings in our worship gatherings, so many divine connections, and always God's wonderful provision all along the way...

Thank You so much God!!! 

And thank you everyone for your generous donations and continuing prayers... this is definitely a great big joint effort on everyone's part (smile).

Mary and Debbie

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