Unusual Weather Patterns: God is Doing Something!

As most of us know, a good portion of our country (all along the east coast and way inland, all the way to the Midwest), is experiencing unusually cold weather and lots of snow...

While over here in the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing a very early spring... right now the trees are budding and babies are being born in the wild and on farms (deer, elk, cattle, sheep, alpacas, etc., are having their babies very early)... this doesn't usually happen until April/May and here we are experiencing it in February... a time of the year when I WISH spring would come, but doesn't happen for two more months (smile) - in fact, the only place I've ever experienced warmth in February was when I lived in the Arizona desert... (a place I always miss during this time of year :)

I'm not "bragging" or saying this is happening because God favors the Pacific Northwest over the rest of the country (God forbid I would ever be that prideful in assuming such a thing - God loves ALL of us the same...)

Why I'm saying anything about this at all, is I believe it's a sign and a wonder, and right now, in the midst of it, is when we need to turn our eyes on Jesus and seek Him like never before, so we can receive all that He wants to show us right now...

I believe it's a season of great breakthrough for all who have an ear to hear what He is saying - right now... in the mighty name of Yeshua the Christ.


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