Trust the Jesus in You

As Debbie and I were traveling into Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona recently, and ministering different places, the Lord showed us many things.  We met some amazing people all along the way, and at each destination, at every gathering, Jesus always showed up and blessed our socks off…

And we were reminded once again that there are different devils in every area you travel into… and maybe because we don’t live there, they’re more visible or obvious to the sojourner who comes from afar (smile)…

Some things are more obvious than others, of course… we all know there is a lot of witchcraft in Washington state and Oregon, as well as a lot of satanism, a LOT of liberalism… and even though there’s not as much witchcraft in the other places we traveled, there is a lot of new age influence, and a lot of pressure on people to turn inward while getting caught up in the greed and lust for riches and “self fulfillment” – (we all know we can never achieve real “fulfillment” outside of a relationship with Christ…)

And I want to just say that if we hadn’t gone into these areas covered in prayer, with many of our wonderful friends and family interceding for us, the opposition could have been quite overwhelming.

But we knew that in order to remain effective in ministry, we had to remain “in Christ” and allow His power, His grace, to remain strong in us, and in fact, overflow onto the areas we were traveling in and through, and into the lives of everyone we encountered along the way.  The word says “everywhere our feet shall tread, it shall be given to us,” and “He’s given us the nations as our inheritance.”

So because we were covered in so much prayer, and were so surrendered to the Lord all along the way, what we experienced was amazing.  

Even though we were aware of the enemy and his intentions to try to come against us, we were even more aware of God’s protection and grace… to not only withstand and overwhelmingly conquer any and all assaults of the devil, but to stand in God’s grace and release His love and power in every divine encounter… and we felt so “connected” with all the folks who came to our worship gatherings… it was truly amazing.

And the thing He kept telling me to do, and to encourage others to do, as we came into each new area or region, is to “trust the Jesus in you” – not just for the strength and ability to overcome all the enemy’s tactics against us, but to more fully step into our inheritance as joint heirs with Christ… to more fully walk in the wisdom and authority that Jesus gave us through His shed blood… He truly has given us all things that pertain to life and Godliness (2 Peter 1:3)

He also says in His word that He’s given us a future and a hope, His plans for us are for good and not evil, and He’s faithful to complete the good work He’s begun in all of us. 

He will provide everything we need until the moment He takes us home to spend eternity in paradise with Him… how good is that?!?!

So as we continue in this time of great transition, the reminder always is to stay in His rest by keeping my mind on Him… the Author and Perfector of my faith.

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