Unusual Weather Patterns: God is Doing Something! 

As most of us know, a good portion of our country (all along the east coast and way inland, all the way to the Midwest), is experiencing unusually cold weather and lots of snow...

While over here in the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing a very early spring... right now the trees are budding and babies are being born in the wild and on farms (deer, elk, cattle, sheep, alpacas, etc., are having their babies very early)... this doesn't usually happen until April/May and here we are experiencing it in

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False Expectations 

Last night I slept long and hard (an unusual occurrence for me) after a very challenging but richly rewarding weekend... 

And this morning I had an amazing dream where my Debbie and I were soaring in the Holy Spirit at a very large event being held in a large high school...

Then the Lord started speaking to me... 

As I was praying over some experiences from the past and the people who I had been associated with, the Lord showed me several things about myself... wrongful ways of thinking that were

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Prayer Update 

Please pray for my husband, as he fell at work... I talked to him on the phone and he seems coherent, the injury is mostly to his shoulder, so I don't think there's any head injury to worry about, but please keep praying against any lingering stiffness or injury to his neck, shoulder or back...

Thanks everyone... we appreciate your prayers very much. The enemy doesn't much like what we're doing and will come against us anyway he can...

But we know God is much greater and will turn everything the devil…

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Request for Prayer! 

I am writing to all my friends who actually pray (thankfully) to ask you to please pray for our upcoming trip, as things don't seem to be coming together as nicely as they did last time... I'm doing my best to trust God in this because I KNOW He's for us and wants us to walk this out... doing my best to roll all my cares on Him knowing He cares for us, I will be fasting and praying today in preparation, and believing Him for all the breakthroughs that are needed...

Thanks everyone, and please feel free

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If it doesn't cost you anything... 

I was just reminded of something God told me awhile back - if it doesn't cost you anything, it probably isn't God...

He doesn't promise that His way is easy, only that it's the only way to real fulfillment, the only way to scratch that impossible itch that keeps annoying the crap out of you until you step into His kingdom and answer His call on our lives... the only way we can achieve real intimacy with the Father and walk in the fullness of Christ...

Would I choose any other way? - Not on your life.

A Letter to my Native Brothers and Sisters 

All of us are God-seekers, whether we realize it or not… I have thankfully been able to make my peace with God through the acceptance of the awesome gift of his Son, my Lord and Saving Grace, Jesus Christ… the One who came in the flesh, was crucified and raised again to heaven so I might be saved -- once for all eternity, and many times daily. 

Because as weak as I am in my human frailty, God is strong whenever and wherever I am weak… and because I am “in Christ” I can overcome as He has overcome… by the…

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Trust the Jesus in You 

As Debbie and I were traveling into Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona recently, and ministering different places, the Lord showed us many things.  We met some amazing people all along the way, and at each destination, at every gathering, Jesus always showed up and blessed our socks off…

And we were reminded once again that there are different devils in every area you travel into… and maybe because we don’t live there, they’re more visible or obvious to the sojourner who comes from afar (smile)…


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Turning a Blind Eye 

turn a blind eye (to someone or something)
fig. to ignore something and pretend you do not see it.

The Lord gave me a dream last night where I found myself and others in a compromised situation at work because someone else hadn’t done her job, and the rest of us compensated by doing the extra work to cover up her poor workmanship, a commonality in a lot of work places, I know… I also knew the person in question and that she had a problem with drinking and drugging, but no one in the office was dealing…

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Currently Recruiting 

As you know, we just got back from ministering on the road for a month in Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona... next month, we will be traveling into Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, possibly Michigan and Ontario, Ohio, Illinois, Wyoming... and other places after that.

I would like to put a band together, so right now I'm looking for great musicians who love the Lord and who are available to travel and can help raise your travel expenses... look at yourselves as "missionaries" - definitely…

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Previous events


Worship at Breaking of the Bread!

Cougar Mountain Bible Camp, 18730 Sundown Mill Lane SE, Yelm, Washington

Come and join us at this amazing annual event... we will be leading worship on Saturday, June 20 at 7:30 for two hours, but it's a 3-day event and well worth the time and expense of getting there and experiencing some of the best fellowship this side of heaven (smile) - here are the details: Breaking of the Bread3 day camp outGreetings Loved ones! Breaking of the Bread, our 3 day camp out in celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ, is held at the Cougar Mountain Bible Camp. These 3 days of Fellowship, Praise & Worship and Inspired Messages are expected to be an awesome time as always. Please come and join us at: Cougar Mountain Bible Camp 18730 Sundown Mill Lane SE Yelm, WA 98597 This is a celebration the whole family will enjoy and very affordable! $25.00 per family and $15.00 per person - that includes all meals and space for tents. We are excited and looking forward to being able to fellowship with you all. ALL PRAISE BE TO GOD! Christian Biker Tabernacle


Worship and Prayer Gathering!

Family Church Gig Harbor, 6127 38th Avenue NW, Gig Harbor, WA

Come and join us as we bombard heaven with our worship and stand in the gap for a better America! Every time two or three gather in Jesus' name, there He is in our midst... and He changes us from glory to glory to glory to glory... every time we gather... we LOVE You so much Lord, and we are SO desperate for your divine intervention in our lives... thank You that You are so faithful to complete the good work You've begun... selah.

Worship at David's Tent Olympia!!!

David's Tent Olympia!, State Capitol, Olympia, WA

We are worshipping at David's Tent Olympia this Friday, Sept. 19, 2014, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., and Monday, Sept. 22, 2014, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., so please come and join us as we stand in intercession for the state of Washington and the US of A!!!



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